Transportation: نقل

Some time ago a friend of mine on Twitter told me that she’s enjoyed this blog but never realized that I was the person who had written it, and said she wished I kept it more active. I explained that these language posts are time-consuming for me and I’ve just had a hard time finding the time apart from my regular writing to work on them. But then I realized, they don’t really have to be that time-consuming, do they? I don’t have to talk about grammar and context and all the other stuff that bogs me down when I write them, at least not all the time. Sometimes a list of vocabulary is good enough. So here’s some basic vocabulary about the various ways people get around:

  • car: سيارة (sayārah), عربة (ʿarabah)
  • truck: شاحنة (shāḥinah), meaning something capable of carrying freight
  • motorcycle: دراجة نارية (darrājah nārīyah)
  • bus: حافلة (ḥāfilah), باص (bāṣ), أوتوبيس (ūtūbīs)
  • train: قطار (qiṭār), قطر (qaṭr, Egypt)
  • plane: طائرة (ṭāʾirah), you might also encounter طيارة (ṭayārah)
  • boat: سفينة (safīnah), مركب (markib, Egypt), قارب (qārib)
  • ship: سفينة (safīnah)
  • ferry: عبارة (ʿabārah) or معبر (maʿbar)
  • bicycle: دراجة (darrājah), also cognates like بيسيكليت (bīsīklīt)
  • taxi: there is an Arabic translation for this, but I think you might get chuckled at if you use anything other than “taxi,” تاكسي
  • walking (verb): مشى (mashá)
    • “a walk”: مشي (mashī) or نزهة (nuzhah); the latter is more like “stroll”
  • running (verb): ركض (rakaḍa)
    • “a run”: ركضة (rakḍah)