Medicine: طب

First of all I hope you never need to use these words, but since you can’t decide when and where to get sick or hurt, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  • medicine (the field): طِب (ṭib) or عِلم الطِب (ʿilm al-ṭib, “the science of medicine”)
  • medicine (medication): دَواء (dawāʾ), plural أدوية (adwīyah)
  • doctor: طَبيب (ṭabīb), دكتور (duktūr, title), حَكيم (ḥakīm, “wise man,” kind of archaic)
  • nurse: مُمَرِض (mumarriḍ)
  • hospital: مُستَشفى (mustashfá)
  • ill (adjective): مَريض (marīḍ)
  • illness: مَرَض (maraḍ)
  • injury: جُرح (jurḥ)
  • injured: مَجروح (majrūḥ)
  • “I am ill”: أنا مَريض (anā marīḍ)
  • “I am injured”: أنا مَجروح (anā majrūḥ) or أنا مُصاب (anā muṣāb, “I am a casualty”)
  • Where is the hospital?”: أين هو المُستَشفى؟ (ayna huwa mustashfá?)
  • “I need a doctor”: أحتاج طبيب (aḥtāj ṭabīb)

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