Family vocab VI: cousins

Family vocab I: mother and father

Family vocab II: child, son and daughter

Family vocab III: brothers and sisters

Family vocab IV: aunts and uncles

Family vocab V: grandparents

Since Arabic complicates more distant family relations by designating paternal uncles and aunts differently than maternal uncles and aunts, cousins will be equally complicated. Indeed, you can’t just be someone’s cousin in Arabic, you have to be the “son of ____” or “daughter of ____.” It’s easier to do this as a list:

  • Son of paternal uncle = اِبب عَمّ (ibn ʿamm)
  • Son of paternal aunt = اِبب عَمّة (ibn ʿammah)
  • Son of maternal uncle = اِبن خال (ibn khāl)
  • Son of maternal aunt = اِبن خالة (ibn khālah)
  • Daughter of paternal uncle = بِنت عَمّ (bint ʿamm) or اِبنة عَمّ (ibnat ʿamm)
  • Daughter of paternal aunt = بِنت عَمّة (bint ʿammah) or اِببة عَمّة (ibnat ʿammah)
  • Daughter of maternal uncle = بِنت خال (bint khāl) or اِبنة خال (ibnat khāl)
  • Daughter of maternal aunt = بِنت خالة (bint khālah) or اِبنة خالة (ibnat khālah)

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